Large AI Grand Challenge – The winners are out!

The European Commission announced the winners of the Large AI Grand Challenge: four innovative AI startups from Europe will share the prize of €1 million and 8 million computational hours, advancing Europe’s leadership in AI development. Today, Commissioner Thierry Breton awarded the Large AI Grand Challenge winners in a ceremony held at Berlaymont in Brussels. […]

How to write a successful proposal for public funding by F6S

So, you’ve spotted that golden opportunity—a call for public funding that seems tailor-made for your startup. But now comes the hard part: crafting a proposal that not only ticks all the boxes but also stands out in a sea of submissions. F6S Innovation Managers compile a short guide on how to nail your future attempts […]

Building reliable AI models > Insights by CINECA

From natural language processing to computer vision, AI has become an integral part of our daily lives. However, building reliable AI models requires significant computational power, and that’s where GPUs come in. More precisely, GPUs can handle: massive parallel processing, making AI models training faster and improving accuracy. large datasets and complex models due to […]

Robotics at INESCTEC

The Robotics Scientific Domain is at the forefront of developing real multi-domain robotics. It combines intelligence, autonomy, and usefulness seamlessly across various uses on land, in the air, on the water, and underwater. INESC TEC leads the way in developing new and creative scientific methods that connect different areas, resulting in a cohesive foundation for robotic […]

AI-BOOST will be a part of EuroHPC Summit 2024

The EuroHPC Summit – “Unleashing the Power of European HPC and Quantum Computing” is happening from 18-21 March 2024 in Antwerp (Belgium). AI-BOOST is happy to announce its participation in the EuroHPC Summit, an annual event that brings together key stakeholders in European supercomputing to delve into discussions centred around the topics of European HPC and Quantum […]

AI-BOOST officially kicked off in Brussels

AI-BOOST kicked off to establish a prominent open challenge prize programme, that will serve as a standard for the European Artificial Intelligence community Funded by the European Commission, the AI-BOOST project has the overall objective of creating and running highly replicable AI open innovation competitions that attract outstanding talent all over the EU and Associated […]

Commission launches AI innovation package to support Artificial Intelligence startups and SMEs

“Today, the Commission has launched a package of measures to support European startups and SMEs in the development of trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (AI) that respects EU values and rules.” “(…) President von der Leyen announced a new initiative to make Europe’s supercomputers available to innovative European AI startups to train their trustworthy AI models. As a first […]

Large AI Grand Challenge – Join the webinar!

  AI-BOOST has up to €250k funding for startups and SMEs working with LLaMA. Join our free webinar and know more!   The Large AI Grand Challenge is ongoing, and on this webinar, we will tell you all about what this challenge is and how you can apply. 👀 Focus: Explaining the scope of the […]

AI-BOOST “Large AI Grand Challenge” is accepting applications

  AI-BOOST “Large AI Grand Challenge” is looking for SMEs and startups with experience working on large-scale AI models. Apply now!   AI-BOOST “Large AI Grand Challenge”, a competition that aims to foster the development of large-scale AI models in Europe, is looking for high-potential European SMEs and startups that have the technical capacity and experience […]

AI-BOOST project is officially open!

  AI-BOOST will establish a prominent open challenge prize programme that will serve as a standard for the European Artificial Intelligence community. AI-BOOST, a new project funded by the European Commission’s Horizon Europe, is a prominent open challenge prize programme that will serve as a benchmark for the European artificial intelligence (AI) community. The overall […]