Robotics at INESCTEC

The Robotics Scientific Domain is at the forefront of developing real multi-domain robotics. It combines intelligence, autonomy, and usefulness seamlessly across various uses on land, in the air, on the water, and underwater.
INESC TEC leads the way in developing new and creative scientific methods that connect different areas, resulting in a cohesive foundation for robotic systems. The team’s focus on advancing autonomy is central, empowering robots to operate effectively in complex and dynamic environments across multiple domains. This involves creating and maintaining intricate environmental maps, reacting swiftly to unforeseen events, and enabling unattended operations over extended periods.
Equally significant is the increasing interaction between people and robots. The aim is to transform programming and communication interfaces, enhancing the simplicity and availability of assigning tasks to robots for operators from diverse backgrounds.
This is not just about technology, it’s about fostering smooth and effective collaboration and communication, lowering risks, and enhancing security in various settings.

In each target domain, the team investigates new types of robotic action that go beyond conventional limitations. By doing so, they introduce innovative solutions tailored to the unique challenges of ground, air, water, and undersea applications, enabling them to interface with flexible objects and manipulate objects from moving platforms. This interrelated investigation pushes the limits of conventional applications in each discipline and broadens the scope of what robotics is capable of.

As robotics expands into new fields and operational scenarios, INESC TEC recognises the transformative potential of innovative design methodologies spanning diverse environments. Their goal is to streamline the deployment of robotic technologies, guaranteeing the effective and cohesive harnessing of multi-domain robotics’ transformative potential across a wide range of applications.

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