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AI-BOOST “Large AI Grand Challenge” is now closed

AI-BOOST “Large AI Grand Challenge”

Introducing the “Large AI Grand Challenge” – an Open invitation for Europe’s Generative AI community, designed as a big competition to spark the creativity of visionaries and founders from Europe.

Large-scale AI models refer to a new generation of general-purpose AI systems that can adapt to various domains and tasks without significant modification. Thanks to their adaptability, these models hold immense potential to revolutionise various industries. Notable examples of large-scale AI models include OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Meta’s LLaMA 2. It is of strategic importance for European sovereignty to ensure European companies master this field. 

This competition was carefully planned to focus on European startups and SMEs deeply involved with large-scale AI models. 

Applicants are invited to submit a proposal for the development of a language foundation model from scratch. 

Applications are now closed

Project Goals and Objectives

The project aims to achieve several significant impacts, with its central objectives focused on establishing and managing highly scalable AI open innovation competitions. These competitions are designed to draw the most accomplished research teams from across the European Union and Associated Countries, fostering scientific advancements in critical AI domains.

Create a unique sound methodology capable of defining high social impact AI challenges

Create a highly replicable and attractive AI open innovation competition capable of leading breakthrough technologies and solutions

Provide access to infrastructure and expert knowledge and promote its adoption through effective training and troubleshooting during the challenges’ implementation

Attract outstanding talent and the best research teams to tackle AI challenges

Engage private and public sponsors capable of providing funding, attractive rewards and expertise

Create an AI community to foster interaction among all relevant stakeholders

AI-BOOST Project in a nutshell

AI-BOOST stands for “Artificial Intelligence for better opportunities and scientific progress towards a trustworthy and human-centric digital environment”. 

AI-BOOST is an EU-funded prominent open challenge prize programme that will serve as a benchmark for the European artificial intelligence (AI) community.  

The overall objective of the project is to create and run highly replicable AI open innovation competitions that attracts the outstanding talent all over EU and Associated Countries to drive scientific progress in the major AI Areas. The project will foster collaboration between the key stakeholders in AI community to define attractive AI challenges with the potential to lead trustworthy and human-centric real-world solutions. 

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