AI-BOOST Project in a nutshell

AI-BOOST stands for Artificial Intelligence for better opportunities and scientific progress towards a trustworthy and human-centric digital environment. The project will be delivered in 2 phases: until February 2024 will be developing the Open Call for European Generative AI – “Large AI Grand Challenge”; from March 2024 onward the project will be focused on the Open AI challenge competition.

Project Goals and Objectives

The project aims to achieve several significant impacts, with its central objectives focused on establishing and managing a highly scalable AI open innovation competition. This competition is designed to draw the most accomplished research teams from across the European Union and Associated Countries, fostering scientific advancements in critical AI domains.

AI-BOOST “Large AI Grand Challenge”

Large-scale AI models represent a cutting-edge breed of versatile AI systems capable of seamlessly adapting to a multitude of domains and tasks, requiring minimal adjustments. Their remarkable adaptability carries the potential to conduct transformative changes across diverse industries. Prominent exemplars within this category encompass OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Meta’s LLaMA 2. It’s really important for Europe that European enterprises become masters in this domain!

Introducing the “Large AI Grand Challenge” – an Open invitation for Europe’s Generative AI community, designed as a big competition to spark the creativity of researchers, visionaries and founders from Europe.

This competition was carefully planned to focus on European startups and SMEs deeply involved with large-scale AI models. It aims to harness their potential, foster groundbreaking solutions, and ultimately, fortify Europe’s position at the forefront of AI innovation.